Strive Student Ministry is a youth program at Crossroads Church in State Line, Pa.


We exist to prepare and cultivate a fertile soil in the hearts of local youth. In the parable of the soils Jesus talks about four types of soil; hard/compacted soil, shallow soil, thorny soil and fertile soil. At Strive we are aware of the struggles that our youth face and work diligently to cultivate a heart that will produce mature, active disciples of Jesus Christ. 










The Strive Five is our approach to accomplishing this goal.

     1) Teach the Bible and offer practical ways to apply it's teaching.


     2) Provide discussion time for students to develop a deeper understanding of the Word.

     3) Establish relationships with students and create an environment where they feel welcome, challenged and comfortable seeking God.

     4) Lead by example, presenting and expressing a Christian worldview consistent with the Word of God.

     5) Committing ourselves to pray for our students and each other. 


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Our Team

Ralph & Lauren Bradley
Thomas Ramirez
Kevin Settlage
Susan Hurd
Susanna House
Jordan & Lindsay Dadario
Bill & Traci Hengst

        Sarah Demuth

Contact Us

Ralph Bradley

Tel: 240-527-3195

Crossroads Church

Tel: 717-597-3807

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